NETTO – Romeo Delauris
Aegea Netto Pendant Aegea Netto Pendant Quick View

Aegea Netto Pendant

With a delicate flutter and a Goddess like glow, this drop necklace is for the daydreamer in you. This spectacular piece includes a delicate...
from $159.00
Maya Netto Bracelet Maya Netto Bracelet Quick View

Maya Netto Bracelet

With its breath-taking design, Maya represents the glory of a Goddess. Artistic hands have knitted fine wire attached to solid ribbon ends to shape...
from $119.00
Aura Netto Necklace Aura Netto Necklace Quick View

Aura Netto Necklace

A statement piece to add thrill to your style. Oozing with life and buzzing with charm, the brilliance of this versatile necklace incorporates five...
from $299.00
Arete Netto Earrings Arete Netto Earrings Quick View

Arete Netto Earrings

Make a graceful entry with the breath-taking presence of Arete earrings.These handcrafted earrings stay a classic no matter the hour or the occasion. The...
from $109.00
Amara Netto Cuff Amara Netto Cuff Quick View

Amara Netto Cuff

Amara is a charmer in every way. This stunning distressed tube cuff is crafted using a unique finger knitting technique of very fine wire...
from $149.00
Aegle Netto Necklace Aegle Netto Necklace Quick View

Aegle Netto Necklace

Like a melodious ballet, Aegle whispers a magical construction of finger knitted fine wires, a technique known only to a few. This minimalist tube...
from $119.00
Hedone Netto Earrings Hedone Netto Earrings Quick View

Hedone Netto Earrings

Radiate sensuality and grace with these exquisite hand-knitted wire drop earrings, clustered in an intricate beaded pattern. The charm of Hedone lies in the...
from $109.00
Phos Netto Ring Phos Netto Ring Quick View

Phos Netto Ring

Phos is undoubtedly the most stunning ring with fine wires knitted into an oval shape and set on top of a hand carved brass...
from $89.00
Melia Netto Bracelet Melia Netto Bracelet Quick View

Melia Netto Bracelet

Melia is extraordinary. In a league of its own, it combines regal and traditional elements into one luxurious piece. This bracelet features a fine...
from $169.00
Iole Netto Earrings Iole Netto Earrings Quick View

Iole Netto Earrings

Stand out in Iole effortlessly. The eye-catching appearance of these hoop earrings will steal every heart. The meticulous construction features a very fine wire...
from $119.00
Hebe Netto Ring Hebe Netto Ring Quick View

Hebe Netto Ring

Always the center of attention, HEBE twin ring has round wire knitted flattened balls placed on a hand-carved brass base. Metal : Double plated...
from $79.00
Nyx Rose Gold Netto Earrings Nyx Rose Gold Netto Earrings Quick View

Nyx Rose Gold Netto Earrings

The rhythmic cadence of the artistic hands weave fine metal wire to create these vintage-inspired earrings. The simplicity and raw craftsmanship of these long...
Auge Netto Earrings Auge Netto Earrings Quick View

Auge Netto Earrings

AUGE resembles a waterfall, untouched and confident in its natural fall. These earrings are wire-knitted into a sphere with an open base to let...
from $109.00
Theia Netto Choker Theia Netto Choker Quick View

Theia Netto Choker

Theia is bold with extravagance laced through its finger knitted fine wire construction. Majestic in its beauty, our choker necklace is designed to sparkle...
from $189.00
Muse Netto Pendant Muse Netto Pendant Quick View

Muse Netto Pendant

Known for its fiery stature and magnificent design, Muse has been gloriously constructed by artistic hands using a unique technique. This classic wire knitted...
from $149.00
Iris Netto Ring Iris Netto Ring Quick View

Iris Netto Ring

The minimalism of IRIS echoes from afar. Made to shine on fine wire knitted with fingers, IRIS captures the lively spirit featuring a hand-constructed...
from $83.00
Clio Netto Necklace Clio Netto Necklace Quick View

Clio Netto Necklace

Our most transformable and versatile item, Clio is an aspiring treasure for lovers of lost beauty and unique elements. The artistic hands of silversmiths...
from $209.00
Selene Netto Bracelet Selene Netto Bracelet Quick View

Selene Netto Bracelet

SELENE is charismatic with a lively aura. 9 fine wire knitted spheres construct this beauty. Magnified with spectacular detailing this bracelet is sure to...
from $89.00

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