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Jewelry Care

Like sterling silver jewelry, silver, gold, and rose-gold plating behave the same way, naturally tarnishing over time. Plating is a process where a thin layer of precious metal is placed to coat the surface of another metal, requiring extra care to maximize its lifespan.

However, at Romeo Delauris, we are excited to introduce a new enhancement to all our items, a ceramic coating, which not only protects your jewelry from tarnishing but also offers water resistance and hypoallergenic properties. With this innovative feature, you can enjoy your jewelry with minimized concerns about tarnishing, increased durability against water exposure, and reduced risk of allergic reactions. So, for a longer-lasting luster and peace of mind, explore our collection.

To maximize the lifespan of your jewelry and to delay fade-out, here are some easy ways to keep the luster of your item for longer.

DISCLAIMER: If, despite your care, an accident occurs causing deformation of a shape, try to gently fix it just by hand, or with the aid of a small spicate tool, such as a needle or an awl. Completely flattened shapes though, are more difficult to restore. Silver Antique finishing is created by oxidizing silver. As a natural process, over time, iridescent colors will inevitably fade.  

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